Welcome 2 the Evolution of Fashion:Kentucky Style

15 Nov

When you hear Kentucky how do you imagine its citizens being dressed? It is very typical for one who is less informed to picture a Kentuckian as a cowboy boots, cowboy hat, plaid flannel, ripped denim wear. These are merely misconceptions. Like every city, Lexington has its fare share of fashionable trends.

With the fashion industry rapidly becoming more elite in its ranking, cities and states all over the world are adapting to the changes in style and trend. Though New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and New Orleans are known for their fashion forward attributes to society, there are still many cities that lack the recognition they deserve in the fashion world, smaller cities like Lexington for an example. There are tons of hidden gems in Lexington from the independent designers to the huge Fashion Collaborative that is held annually. This once country town has stepped up to the plate in hopes of Breaking Stereotypes of the “Cowgirl Fashion”.

I will be setting the records straight with surprising facts, numbers, and history on how Kentucky Fashion has taken a turn for the better in the past decades.